INCOTRANS main sphere of activity is the international transport of cargo by air and sea as well as over border movements by road.
Other services include :

  • Domestic deliveries
  • Warehousing
  • Packing and Crating
  • Container Stuffing and Destuffing
  • All Ancillary Freight related Services

These functions are subcontracted to carriers who are specialists in the respective fields and carriers with whom INCOTRANS will co – ordinate in order to ensure efficient and cost effective international transport. 

We also offer a full range document service from the simple completion of movement documents to letters of credit and certificates which stringently comply with all local and worldwide authorities. All our programs are tailor made to meet our client’s stringent requirements.

 Because our client base is so selective, this allows us much closer control in all movements of the freight process and allows us to always give our valued clients the service they have come to expect.

 With the amount of freight generated through ourselves and the selective focus on certain regions, we are able to negotiate with all major service providers from a position of strength and obtain on behalf of our clients extremely competitive rates without sacrificing service and reliability.

 We also offer your customers a local contact almost anywhere in the world where information can be given to overcome communication delays and other language barriers and also process current orders.

 These attributes together with our knowledge of the world markets enables us to offer you a top class service that we are sure you will not find elsewhere. Our streamlined size will always allow us to effectively meet every last detail of our customers requirements and always offer advice and cost saving suggestions.

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